Losing Women’s Talent During the Economic Downturn



Category: Professional Perspectives

The National Women’s Law Center has issued a report about women’s work during the economy’s recovery period (July 2009 through February 2011). Women as a whole lost 300,000 jobs during this particular time.  Of the 1.234 million new jobs in the economy between July of 2009 and February of 2011, women occupied 113,000—which is only 9.2%. Essentially, women lost three-out-of-ten jobs during the recession, but are gaining back less than one-in-ten during the recovery. Men, on the other hand, gained 622,000 jobs during this time period, greatly gaining during a time when women lost significantly. These data are of further concern since women’s paycheck is often necessary to family income and since a growing number of women are single heads of households.