Women Engineers: Coming Soon – A National Study Launched by UWM.


Women in nontraditional careers have faced challenges at all levels, from college through their workplace experiences. The result has been fewer women entering nontraditional fields, promoting a vicious circle that needs to be eliminated. This is clearly exemplified when viewing women in the field of engineering.

To understand this better, Dr. Nadya Fouad and Dr. Romila Singh, with funding from the National Science Foundation, conducted a comprehensive national study in which more than 3,700 women engineers participated. The objective was to understand which drivers affect women’s career decisions and how those drivers lead to attrition and persistence in the field of engineering.

Do you want to learn more? If so, stay connected to the Center for the Study of the Workplace and watch for future updates on findings from this study.

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    • The only thing I would add is to involve yoruself less with the inter-office chatter/politics and more with getting the job done. Too many times the reason why one is employed is not the focus amongst the team. As I always say- if you don't get the primary job done, you are expendable.
    • Saurabh
    • September 14, 2012

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