Workforce Leader Hates “No” and Loves Getting S%@t Done.


SmartBlog on Leadership recently featured an insightful interview on leadership philosophy with Henry Albrecht, the founder and CEO of Limeade, “an online wellness company focused on building happy, healthy, and high-performance workforces.”

Apparently, he hates the word “no” and his favorite quote, which he keeps at his desk is, “Saying I didn’t know = saying I suck at my job, you should fire me.” Indeed, Henry brings a candid perspective on business leadership, and divides his leadership philosophy into four main ideas:

  1. Leaders are enthusiastically followed.
  2. Leaders don’t hear “No.”
  3. Leaders ask.
  4. Leaders laugh.

Combined with managerial experience working at Intuit in 2000, Henry has developed a simple, but highly effective leadership model that promotes a passionate work culture. He looks for people during the hiring process who can, “make their teammates’ jobs easier.” Not an easy task, but one that portends positive growth and a bright future. According to the interview, Henry’s biggest challenge is managing that growth.

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