You Cannot Avoid Diversity.



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U.S. Census figures are clear: we are a diverse society.  Dr. Romila Singh, Associate Professor of the Lubar School of Business, believes that firms must leverage their diverse talent to increase productivity and engage both customers and employees. Organizations that harness these labor opportunities will achieve competitive advantages.

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    • This is a very important concept for talent managers to effectively bring to their hiring managers. The diversity of thought created by a diverse workforce is a powerful asset for organizations. Talent remains the only competitive advantage that cannot be reproduced or reverse engineered. Since overall hiring had slowed significantly or come to a halt in the downturn of the economy , many hiring managers are now awakening to discover the composition of today's talent pool. As an executive search firm we make a conscious effort of identifying a diverse slate of candidates as a part of the search strategy. Addressing this strategy and approach upfront and in the beginning of the hiring process helps to address gaps in the organization and results in a successful hiring outcome.
    • Rose Spano Iannelli
    • November 19, 2011

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