Moving Forward as a Group.



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Dr. Mark Mone, Interim Chancellor at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee, states that career advancement in organizations is experiencing a shift in focus, from an individual point of view to one that is team-based.

In the past, individuals had to demonstrate how they could save or make money for their companies.  Nowadays, however, firms value the ability to move a team forward not solely individual achievements.

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    • I am a firm believer of team-based success through personel experiance. I have owned and operated a salon/spa for 13 years. Three years ago we transitioned from a comission based pay structure into team-based pay structure. The transition brought with it employee turn over leaving us with a extremely storng team committed to great systems that provide us with constant communication allowing us to reach our goals. Most importantly it allows me to be the leader I am today. Kelly Hazlett GAIA Micro Spa Franklin WI
    • Kelly
    • February 8, 2012
    • I have always felt strongly about creating a team atmosphere. I currently work in a management/support role with a full commission sales staff. It is extremely challenging to create a "team" when people are compensated this way. I am interested in Kelly's comment above, and the result. However, I am not a "decision maker" within the business, so I can only share my thoughts and possibly my influence to try change our business model.
    • Vicki
    • February 8, 2012
    • A team based approach to building organizations is critical to the success of American academia and business. This approach supports individuals in using their individual skills to the maximum to benefit any joint effort and overall strategic and competitive goal(s). However, team means that individuals are expected to humble themselves and let others shine in their abilities. Saying the word team is just not enough towards supporting team work. I have worked in many dynamic teams and have found that the need to control the outcome has sometimes inhibited creative growth.
    • Evelyn
    • February 9, 2012

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