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Patricia Clason, Director of the Center for Creative Learning, has been a  professional speaker, trainer, and coach since 1975, specializing in Emotional Intelligence and Ethics.

The amount of information and technology available to the average worker today is more than a worker experienced in a lifetime in 1900, and that information and technology will double in less than two years!

A growing body of research of “what makes one successful” says that Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is the key, both personally and professionally, to a satisfying and successful life.

TalentSmart.com, leading EQ researchers, tell us we have 27 emotional reactions every day, 150,000 in a year.  60% of job performance is Emotional Intelligence, in all jobs. 15% of success is technical knowledge, 85% is people skills (EQ).  This makes EQ an invaluable business asset, whether you are worker, manager or owner.

What’s Your EQ?

Rate yourself on the following statements, as honestly as possible on a 1 to 10 scale (1 = rarely true, 10 = almost always true).

_____ I am comfortable with others’ emotional expression.

_____ I am comfortable telling others about my emotions and reactions.

_____ I am good at gaining cooperation from others.

_____ I express anger in safe and healthy ways.

_____ I use both my emotions and my logical, rational mind when making decisions.

_____ I am intrinsically motivated.

_____ I can read others’ emotional states and am usually correct in assessing their feelings.

_____ I am self-motivated and excited about my life.

_____ I am aware of my emotions and express them appropriately.

_____ I handle conflict well and can assist others in resolution of conflict.




10 – 30   = You need an EQ map and a course on how to read it!

30 – 50   = You are walking down the middle of the EQ road, not sure which direction to take.

50 – 80   = You are on the road to a high EQ and could use a little more direction.

80 – 90   = You know where you are going and have good relationships with your fellow travelers.

90 – 100 = Are you sure you were honest?  If you were, have you considered writing a book?

If you are in need of an EQ map, don’t worry.  Fortunately, EQ is a learned intelligence (unlike IQ). There are plenty of resources.  Two of my favorite books are The Emotional Intelligence Quick Book (comes with a free code for an online assessment) from TalentSmart.com and Executive EQ by Robert Cooper.

Building your EQ will make every area of your life easier, so get on the road!

If you have questions about EQ, please feel free to send them via blog comments and I will be happy to answer them and help you build a high EQ workplace and life.

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